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Balancing matters of Nature and Harmony is at the core of our approach when embarking on a new project. Whether it's a small piece of furniture or a larger design object, our research is deeply rooted in the cultural heritage, sustainability, and the inherent beauty found within these realms

Innovation is central to our ethos. We believe that technology has significantly broadened the creative palette available to architects, enabling us to explore new frontiers in design. Today, our principal challenge is centered around preserving natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact of construction processes.

In facing this challenge, we foresee a great opportunity to blend traditional materials with innovative finishes, giving rise to captivating architectural languages that harmonize with both nature and modernity.

A house, an urban complex or a chair... Each object, regardless of scale, is meticulously explored to ensure it serves its intended purpose effectively.

Our primary goal is to create functional objects using sustainable tools that are available within the current context.



MAY  /  2018

Rawstorne Space shortlisted to present their Artwork in the Summer Exhibition 250 Anniversary of the Royal Academy of Arts, London  


FEBRUARY  /  2019

We are proud to announce that Stay Brût Collection is now available online


Comming Soon  /  2021

Insider: Plans to production - SMR Collaboration with InstanceBV
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