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Dealing with matters of Balance and Nature are among our aims when starting a new project. Either it is a small piece of furniture or a larger object of design, the research is nurtured with the heritage of culture, sustainability and the beauty between their boundaries.

We trust that technology has massively extended the vocabulary for architects to explore.

Our challenge nowadays focus on the preservation of natural resources and lower the impact on the construction progress.

We discover here a great opportunity to explore traditional materials, and combine them with innovative finishes to create exciting architectural languages.

A house, an urban complex or a chair... all type of scale of objects have been looked carefully to the purpose they fit to get success.  It is within our best intention to make funtional objects with the sustainable tools available in the current context.



MAY  /  2018

Rawstorne Space shortlisted to present their Artwork in the Summer Exhibition 250 Anniversary of the Royal Academy of Arts, London  


FEBRUARY  /  2019

We are proud to announce that Stay Brût Collection is now available online


Comming Soon  /  2021

Insider: Plans to production - SMR Collaboration with InstanceBV
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